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About Our Data

Data Collection Explanation and Reporting Methodologies

We present information on a number of different Internet usage statistics including web browser, operating system and search engine market share, as well information on web standards like JavaScript and SVG support, system settings like screen resolution, network data such as ISP market share and connection speeds, and also reports specifically on Google and Microsoft. We offer all of these reports free of charge and our data is updated at the end of each month.

Our data is collected from information sent via web browsers. We have implemented multiple layers of data processing logic to ensure that the numbers we report are as free as possible from automated systems (like search engine robots) and most accurately represent the "real" web site browsing community. One important note related to this point is that our statistics only report on systems that actually browse web sites. Many computer systems never visit web sites and therefore are not represented on this site. We also currently exclude all mobile data while we work on completing our mobile reporting section.

It is very important to also remember that our statistics are a representation of a small percentage of all web site visitors. Our data is made up of an average of 28 million unique visitors per month to the network of web sites that we collect data from. We do our best to collect data only from web sites that have a broad appeal taking things like target market, audience, geographic location and type of web site into consideration. We attempt to cover a good mix of all of these indicators to provide as accurate a look as possible into Internet browsing trends. While we would love to have data on every web site on the web, that is obviously not feasible. While a lack of this total coverage introduces an automatic margin of error, we believe that our reports reflect a level of accuracy that would not be dramatically altered if complete coverage were introduced.

However, it is still important for anybody using, referencing or relying on our data to also understand the scope of our coverage, which includes:

  • 80% of web sites serve a predominantly United States market (this is an area we would looking to add more diversity in the upcoming months)
  • 32% of web sites we classify as e-commerce sites
  • 29% of web sites we classify as corporate sites
  • 20% of web sites we classify as content delivery (blogs, news sites, etc.)
  • 19% of web sites we classify as "other"
Please keep the information above in mind while viewing our reports.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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