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Microsoft Tablet PCs

Usage statistics by Microsoft Tablet PC version

This report displays support for the various versions of Microsoft Tablet PCs. We are only able to detect Tablet PC version details for users running Internet Explorer so no Browser filters are available below. We only list versions that have amassed at least 0.1% of the market share during the selected time period.
Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Oct '13 - Mar '14 monthly 3D Pie Internet Explorer All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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  • Microsoft Needs Better Customer Service
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  • Samsung beats out Apple in tablet PC evaluations: Consumer Reports
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    Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has found itself nestled at the top of tablet PC evaluations by a U.S.-based consumer magazine, beating out its U.S. rival, Apple. Consumer Reports said Monday that Samsung's new tablet PC models, the Galaxy Tab ...
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