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ISP Usage and Market Share

ISP Trends, Stats and Analysis

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the company visitors utilize to connect to the Internet. The statistics below highlight the ISPs with the largest cumulative market share and market penetration. One of our most popular reports is to filter this ISP report based upon Connection. It is very interesting to see the disparity amongst top ISPs at work versus at home. We only list ISPs that have amassed at least 1.0% of the market share during the selected time period.
Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Oct '13 - Mar '14 monthly Line All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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    Santa Barbara Independent / 4/6/14
    We now depend on the Internet for immediate information — just think how we all turn to it when an earthquake or local crime is rumored. The possibility that Internet service providers (ISP) could subtly block the reception of information by slowing download or ...
  • Telstra appeals ruling in exchange fees fight
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    Kerala IT News / 4/3/14
    Trivandrum: Asianet Satellite Communications, the largest cable TV and Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Kerala, has announced that it has selected Cisco to deploy DOCSIS 3.0, a next-generation cable broadband network that is a key component of the ...
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  • Internet service providers vs content
    Chicago Tribune / 4/3/14
    Device, app and content companies are capturing most of the benefits created by Internet service providers. I recently studied two groups of companies – firms that provide the Internet, like AT&T and Verizon, and those that use it, like Facebook and Google. The Internet giants earn six to eight times the rate of return of ISP, which must continually improve its networks to keep pace with rapidly growing bandwidth demands while the device and content providers realize the bulk of the value. While critics imagine a ...
  • Internet Solutions upgrades fibre network
    HumanIPO / 4/2/14
    South Africa internet service provider (ISP) Internet Solutions has announced it will be deploying 500 gigabit per second (Gb/s) fibre optic capabilities across its long distance network in South Africa, enabling the company to differentiate its services and ...
  • Flip backs Internet Party's broadband vision
    Reseller News / 4/1/14
    NZ ISP Flip is backing the policy of Kim Dotcom's political party to drive down broadband costs. “Love them or hate them, no-one can argue with the daring vision of the Internet Party in halving the cost of broadband in New Zealand,” said Michael Shirley, Flip's ...
  • Trans-Sahara for IT launches as business ISP
    Telecompaper (subscription) / 3/31/14
    Libyan IT systems integrator Trans-Sahara for IT and Communications has launched as a business-focused internet service provider (ISP). The company commenced its ISP activities on 01 March under the '1st NET' brand name, offering services including ...
  • Trans-Sahara for IT and Communications launches 1ST NET ISP operations in ...
    Libya Herald / 3/31/14
    1ST NET offers VPN Data links and Internet access with speed that can run initially at 50Mbps within 2 days of order. Barghouthi, emphasized that speedy service delivery is a prime value for 1ST NET. Trans-Sahara for IT and communications hopes to ...
  • VoIP Provider Arrowtel Teams Up with ISP Distributor Pay-Less Communications
    Newswire Today (press release) / 3/31/14
    Due to client demand for flexible features with cost savings, Arrowtel (VoIP) and Pay-Less Communications (ISP) have created a synergistic partnership. According to Infonetics, in its ... Pay-Less Communications' ( status as authorized distributor for premier Internet Service Providers gives customers the benefit of low-cost, low latency access to Arrowtel's Cloud PBX switching infrastructure, enabling the highest voice quality, reliability and feature offering currently available. With Arrowtel VoIP, clients ...
  • Connections Between Communications Networks: Should The FCC Breathe Life ...
    Forbes / 3/30/14
    The flames were stoked when Netflix's CEO, in a blog posting, bemoaned the plight of “intermediaries” such as Akamai, Cogent, and Level 3; he advocates new “net neutrality” rules to prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from charging a toll for ... Setting aside any of the particulars of the Netflix-Comcast arrangement, an ISP could make life difficult for these middlemen by requiring content providers to purchase data transport or content delivery services (“middle-mile services”) from the ISP as a condition of getting ...
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where ie Earthlink on the market share list?

Rody 5/26/12 6:33PM