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Browser Statistics, OS Market Share, and Technology Usage News

Find the latest Browser Statistics, OS Market Share, and Technology Usage news below. We do our best to screen the news provided here for relevance and accuracy, but the links to articles found here are from 3rd parties so occassionally less pertinent materials get published. Please feel free to contact us to report other relevant articles, or to let us know of any material that should be removed.

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After Brendan Eich's resignation, Firefox appoints Chris Beard as interim CEO
Firefox / The Westside Story / 4/15/14
Chris Beard a former Chief Marketing Officer is Mozilla interim Chief Executive Officer. This comes when one of the world's most used browser Firefox is in recovery phase as their former CEO Brendan Eich resigned around 2 weeks ago after it was revealed ...

Microsoft starts accepting Universal Windows apps, details Dev Center changes
Windows / NDTV / 4/15/14
"Today I'm pleased to announce the opening of the Windows Phone Dev Center for publishing your Windows Phone 8.1 apps and for linking your Windows and Windows Phone apps to create universal Windows apps," stated Keith Senzel, from the Dev Centre ... on Windows Runtime platform; they can add WP8.1 OS package to existing WP7.1 and WP8.0 apps in the App store; work on simplified package targeting to a given phone and its OS platform; experience a redesigned Dev Centre that will later be integrated ...

US Revenue Service Pays Microsoft To Continue Windows XP Support
Windows / TechWeekEurope UK / 4/15/14
At less than $9 per PC, the figure not only falls well below estimates of millions of dollars that quickly made the rounds online, but also comes in far under the price businesses can expect to pay to keep their Windows XP systems bug-free. Windows_Start_Button ... While XP users have no reason to panic yet, the future does not bode well for the OS. Tim Rains, director of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group, recently warned that even surfing the web on a Windows XP system may soon compromise its security.

On Apple-Samsung infringement trial: Google's plan was a Java button phone ...
Java / Bitbag / 4/15/14
Reports said the Google's plan for Android was based on Sun's Java running under Linux, and Google was not interested on touch-screen support. Leakster said that way back 2006, Google made a statement saying that “Touchscreens will not be supported.

Google May Start Skewing Its Search Results In Favor Of Encrypted Sites
Google / Businessinsider India / 4/15/14
According to the report, Cutts has had private conversations where he has expressed Google's interest in implementing encryption in its search results. The aim is to rid search results of spam sites, according to the WSJ. Google's search algorithm is designed ...

Google Has a Crazy-Effective Plan to Increase Web Security
Google / Slate Magazine (blog) / 4/15/14
Google might have a new and genius plan for improving Web security. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the search-engine giant is toying with giving a boost to encrypted pages in its search results to encourage websites to be more secure and ...

Google To Track Offline Retail Sales Influenced By Search Ads
Google / Businessinsider India / 4/15/14
GOOGLE TO TRACK IN-STORE PURCHASES: Google wants to know whether its search ads are driving in-store sales, so it's testing a campaign that will track how Internet users spend their money at bricks-and-mortar retailers. To do this, Google is ...

Study: Google Search Results Offer Mixed-Quality Health Information
Google / iHealthBeat / 4/15/14
... researcher Brent Kitchens (Crane, Gainesville Sun, 4/9). However, the researchers cautioned that consumers could find misleading or incorrect information if their preferred search engine lists lower-quality websites higher in search results (UF release, 4/8).

Google could boost search rank for 'encrypted' sites
Google / Business Standard / 4/15/14
Following the move, Websites across the world may start locking down the information sent to and from their servers in order to better their ranking on the search engine, the Verge reported. Meanwhile, Google's web spam chief, Matt Cutts is said to have ...

Google To Favor Encrypted Websites For Its Search Result Ranking
Google / Headlines & Global News / 4/15/14
The web giant's special treatment towards encrypted websites means those sites will appear early on the Google search results, rather than being lost in the later search pages, top Google engineers revealed, Wall Street Journal reports. Share This Story.

Google Search results to rank encrypted sites higher with changes in algorithm ...
Google / Firstpost / 4/15/14
If a report from Wall Street Journal is to be believed then Google will soon start giving preference to encrypted websites in its search results. This could be so because Google has always looked at making search results relevant and now it's targetting spam ...

Google acquires Titan Aerospace
Google / iNVEZZ / 4/15/14, Tuesday, April 15: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL), the world's largest Internet search company, yesterday announced it had acquired Titan Aerospace, a maker of high-altitude, solar-powered drones. The purchase will complement Google's ...

Google considers giving more value to encrypted sites in its search-engine results
Google / IBNLive / 4/15/14
New Delhi: Google reportedly is mulling over giving priority in its search-engine results to websites that use encryption. However, such changes are unlikely to happen anytime soon as the plans are still in early stages. "Encrypting data transmitted over the ...

Malaysian jet search area proves too deep for robotic submarine
Yahoo / Yahoo News Canada (blog) / 4/15/14
PERTH, Australia - The search area for the missing Malaysian jet has proved too deep for a robotic submarine which was hauled back to the surface of the Indian Ocean less than halfway through its first seabed hunt for wreckage and the all-important black ...

Mini-sub to dive again after aborting first MH370 search
Yahoo / Yahoo News / 4/15/14
The Australian agency coordinating the search said the Bluefin-21 "exceeded its operating depth limit of 4,500 metres (15,000 feet) and its built-in safety feature returned it to the surface". The unmanned Autonomous Underwater Vehicle was undamaged and ...

Mini-sub dives again after aborting first MH370 search
Yahoo / Yahoo News / 4/15/14
Perth (Australia) (AFP) - A mini-sub hunting for Malaysian jet MH370 was Tuesday set for a second sweep of the remote Indian Ocean seabed, after aborting its first search when it encountered water deeper than its operating limits. The unmanned submarine ...

Syncfusion Debuts JavaScript Libraries for Mobile Development in Essential ...
Javascript / Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release) / 4/15/14
Syncfusion, Inc., a developer solutions company, announced the release of Essential Studio Enterprise Edition 2014, Volume 1, the first major update to its components in 2014. In response to the increasing use of JavaScript in line-of-business applications, ...

T-Mobile Poland promotes mobile internet for businesses
Mobile Broadband / Telecompaper (subscription) / 4/15/14
T-Mobile Poland prepared an offer of mobile internet for business customers, under which they can get unlimited data for a year plus attractive prices of devices. The promotion blueconnect business is offered in the following options: S, M, L, XL and 100XL.

Gmail on the web: insert your backed-up mobile images with one click
Mobile Web / Android Community / 4/15/14
Google has detailed the latest improvement for Gmail. This change deals with Gmail on the web, but it does involve the mobile side. Moving forward you'll now be able to add images taken with your mobile device. Of course, you will need to have Auto Backup ...

KO for the mobile web ?
Mobile Web / The Rude Baguette / 4/15/14
In a widely circulated piece last week entitled The Decline of the Mobile Web, Chris Dixon touches on a fashionable debate that suggests that the mobile web is in, well, decline, at the hands of the new walled gardens known as the app stores. In other words ...

Now You Can Buy Microsoft Office 365 for $6.99 a Month
Microsoft Office / Mashable / 4/15/14
Office for iPad launched in March, so the prospect of using Office on a tablet is now attractive to many more people. With that launch, Microsoft also made Office Mobile for smartphones free to use, and the web apps — which users can access from any ...

Microsoft Office 365 Personal now available (for iPad users, too)
Microsoft Office / ZDNet / 4/15/14
For users who want/need Office to be installed on more devices, Microsoft is still selling Office 365 Home -- formerly known as Office 365 Home Premium. Office 365 Home allows installation of local Office apps on up to five PCs or Macs, plus five Windows ...

Microsoft's Office Online now available in Chrome Web Store
Microsoft Office / HEXUS / 4/15/14
Microsoft has announced via its Office Blog that its browser-based Office Online software (formerly known as Office Web Apps) will be added to the Chrome Web Store. It also marks the start of a major update, rolling out new features for the Word, Excel, ...

Microsoft Office Online apps updates, comes to Chrome web store
Microsoft Office / Firstpost / 4/15/14
Office Online – formerly known as Office Web Apps – works with popular browsers such as Chrome , IE and Safari. However, Microsoft will now let Chrome users add Word Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online to the Chrome App launcher, allowing ...

Microsoft Office Online comes to the Chrome Web Store
Microsoft Office / / 4/15/14
Office on iPad not enough for you? It would appear that it's not satisfactory for Microsoft either. In what looks like another move from its “one cloud for everyone on every device” multi-platform attack strategy, the firm has just launched Office Online in the ...

Get Microsoft Office free
Microsoft Office / Deccan Chronicle / 4/15/14
Microsoft is now offering Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for free along with 7 GB of online space. You can now create, edit, save, share and download all office documents such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote by simply heading on to ...

Microsoft's Office Online is Now Available in the Chrome Web Store
Microsoft Office / SYS-CON Media (press release) / 4/15/14
Microsoft Office. Microsoft launched a major update to Office Online (formerly Office Web Apps) on Monday, rolling out new features for each of the suite's four applications. Among the additions is commenting for Word Online, Tell Me for Excel Online and ...

Cellcom launches tablet PC
Microsoft Tablet PC / Telecompaper (subscription) / 4/15/14
Liberian operator Cellcom has launched its new "empowering Liberia" tablet PC initiative. The first tablet available has a dual-core processor with the latest Android technology and a USB connecter for memory sticks and other devices, as well as front and ...

Rockchip touts ARM Cortex-A17 for Android and Chrome
Chrome / TG Daily / 4/15/14
However, the company recently showcased the 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processor driving a Chromium OS system - with the silicon apparently powerful enough to open and simultaneously maintain 30 Google Chrome browser tabs.

Google Chrome Free Download – Send Webpages from Chrome to your ...
Chrome / The Fuse Joplin / 4/15/14
The mobile version of Google Chrome has been in circulation for the past two years. The web browser, which has been critically acclaimed, is one of Google's many accomplishments and a matter of pride for the tech giant. The browser was launched as a ...

Improve font rendering in Google Chrome 35 or newer on Windows
Chrome / Ghacks Technology News / 4/15/14
... Chrome 35 or newer on Windows. By Martin Brinkmann on April 15, 2014 in Google Chrome 3. If you are using the Google Chrome browser on a Windows system, you may have noticed that the program's font rendering is not the best on some web pages.

Microsoft updates Office Online apps, brings them to Chrome Web Store
Chrome / NDTV / 4/15/14
The Redmond-giant also announced Office Online will be available via Chrome Web Store as well - essentially bringing the productivity apps to the Chrome OS, apart from Chrome browser users. Microsoft announced that the updates across Office Online will ...

Secure browsers offer alternatives to Chrome, IE and Firefox
Firefox / Network World / 4/14/14
Network World - The Web browser has been a major infection vector for years, allowing malware to be transported to millions of computers through phishing, man-in-the-middle, SQL injection and countless other attacks. But what if there was a way to stop this ...

Google Chrome Free Download vs. Firefox – The Best Arguments
Firefox / The Fuse Joplin / 4/14/14
In the past, it did not matter much which browser you made use of for your device and one just made use of the system default one, but today, browsers form an integral aspect of browsing. The most popular browsers today are the Google Chrome and Mozilla ...

Microsoft sued over Internet Explorer fiasco
Internet Explorer / TechEye / 4/14/14
... levied its largest ever antitrust fine against Microsoft for breaking a legally binding commitment made in 2009 to ensure that consumers in Europe had a choice of how they access the internet, rather than defaulting to Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft faces fresh lawsuit over Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer / BusinessTech / 4/14/14
... faces fresh lawsuit over Internet Explorer. Microsoft Corp's board faces a lawsuit over the way it handled an error with its Internet Explorer browser that ended up costing the company a record-breaking $731 million fine by European antitrust regulators.

Shareholder sues Microsoft over IE browser choice fine
Internet Explorer / PC Pro / 4/14/14
Microsoft's board faces a lawsuit over failing to show the browser choice screen in Internet Explorer, earning a record-breaking $731 million fine by European antitrust regulators. Microsoft was forced to give users a choice of browser, after EU regulators took ...

Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers
Windows / TechSpot / 4/14/14
Today, eager Windows Phone enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on the latest version of the OS, Windows Phone 8.1, as Microsoft begins its rollout through the Preview for Developers program. The Windows Phone Preview for Developers program ...

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 (Developer Preview)
Windows / PC Magazine / 4/14/14
You could say that Microsoft is playing catch-up with its mobile operating system, and in some ways you'd be right. But the company ... The OS's unique home screen with its live updated app tiles gets even more appealing, and things like Wi-Fi Sense and Storage Sense are helpful innovations. With this release ... Though Windows Phone 8.1 has a lot of big new features such as Cortana and a pull-down Action Center notification panel, it doesn't break existing apps the way the move from 7.x to 8 did. That said, it is a ...

Microsoft (MSFT)'s WIMBoot to Save More Storage Space on Windows Tablets
Windows / USFinancePost / 4/14/14
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) MSFT knows that its Windows OS takes up more storage space on devices than consumers would appreciate. So, the software giant has introduced a new technology with Windows 8.1 update that would spare some more storage ... Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) MSFT has been widely criticized over its operating system eating up a lot of storage space. For instance, 14GB of a 32GB Surface 2 tablet is occupied with Windows overhead and pre-installed apps. Surface ...

IRS misses Windows XP upgrade deadline, must pay millions to Microsoft for ...
Windows / / 4/14/14
IRS misses Windows XP upgrade deadline, must pay millions to Microsoft for security patches The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has confirmed that it could not migrate all of its computers from Windows XP in time for the April 8th support end-of-life, and will now have to have Microsoft millions of dollars for security patches. Microsoft ended public security patches for the 13-year-old operating system last week, but will still offer private patches for companies that pay for extra support. Without the patches, systems ...

Hands On With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft's Updated Smartphone OS
Windows / TechCrunch / 4/14/14
It can handle the sort of things you expect: Setting alarms and the like, but also does more, like picking up what music you are listening to (something that Windows Phone has long done, it's worth noting, though in a different part of the operating system).

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Review release signs show up on official ...
Windows / Techie News / 4/14/14
It can be said with a lot of certainty that Microsoft is all set for a staged roll out of its Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview starting today as signs of such a release have already started showing up on official Microsoft Windows blog. “Starting today, you can ...

Microsoft puts the squeeze on Windows to shoehorn it into 16GB devices
Windows / Network World / 4/14/14
The technology Microsoft will use, dubbed "WIM" for "Windows Imaging," is a file-based disk image format introduced in Windows Vista, the OS flop that debuted in 2007. Work on WIM, however, took place during the long -- and oft delayed -- development of ...

Microsoft reveals story behind iconic 'Bliss' image of Windows XP
Windows / TopNews United States / 4/14/14
Software giant Microsoft has recently revealed that story behind the iconic wallpaper of its Windows XP operating system which the company retired on April 8, 2014. The wallpaper marked the default background image on the desktop of Microsoft Windows ...

Microsoft fixes Windows 8.1 update installation problems with two new patches
Windows / Softonic EN / 4/14/14
The latest Windows 8.1 update introduces a host of changes and improvements to the operating system, and is obligatory if you want to get future updates. However, some users got an error code "0x800f081f" during installation, while others were unable to uninstall IIS (Internet Information Services) after installing the OS update. Both of these have been fixed with new patches by Microsoft. The patches, like the Windows 8.1 update, can only be applied to users with Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, or Windows Server ...

Android docs reveal before iPhone, Google's plan was a Java button phone
Java / Apple Insider / 4/14/14
Google planned to essentially use existing reference designs for Windows Mobile Smartphone hardware and install Android as Sun's Java Mobile running on Linux. The 2006 definition flatly specifies "the Platform will be compatible with Java Platform, Micro ...

Google may boost search results of sites that use encryption
Google / GigaOM / 4/14/14
Google may soon give greater prominence in its search results to websites that use encryption, a move that would indirectly make it more difficult for hackers or governments to track what people do on the internet. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google ...

Heartbleed Hits Google Maps, Search, Gmail, YouTube
Google / CruxialCIO / 4/14/14
The patched services include a number of key Google products, including Search, Gmail, YouTube, Wallet, Play, Apps, and App Engine. Also receiving Heartbleed fixes are Ad Words, DoubleClick, Maps, Maps Engine and Google Earth. Use IP whitelisting to ...

Is Google a Scraper Website?
Google / Search Engine People (blog) / 4/14/14
Google has taken content directly from Wikipedia and put in on their search results page. And, it is ranking higher than Wikipedia, which is the original author of the content. How is this any different from what Google is penalizing other sites for doing?

Robotic submarine deployed in search for plane
Yahoo / Yahoo News / 4/14/14
PERTH, Australia (AP) — Search crews sent a robotic submarine deep into the Indian Ocean for the first time Monday to begin scouring the seabed for the missing Malaysian airliner after no signals from its black boxes were detected for six days. Meanwhile ...

We have given our all in search for MH370, says Najib
Yahoo / Yahoo Singapore News / 4/14/14
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today that Malaysia had given its full commitment to the search and rescue efforts for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Najib said the unexpected disappearance of the aircraft had seen an unprecedented ...

Missing Plane Search Heads Into The Deep
Yahoo / Yahoo News UK / 4/14/14
This is the most significant development in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in more than a week. The Bluefin-21, a state-of-the-art unmanned submersible, is now being prepared for a mission to one of the deepest parts of the Indian Ocean.

Fujitsu planning to sell ISP unit Nifty Corp
ISP / TeleGeography / 4/14/14
Tokyo-based IT equipment and services company Fujitsu is reportedly considering selling its broadband subsidiary Nifty Corp, as the company does not expect to witness significant growth at the internet service provider (ISP) in the future. According to ...

New and Improved Business High Speed Internet Packages from Cogeco Cable ...
Connection Speed / Wall Street Journal / 4/14/14
MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - April 14, 2014) - Cogeco Cable Canada ("Cogeco") announces the launch of three new and improved Business High Speed Internet (HSI) packages in Belleville and Trenton, Ontario, where the majority of businesses will be ... The download speed of the existing Starter package will be increased from up to 10 to up to 16 Mbps (applicable starting April 15, 2014) and current HSI Enterprise package customers will have their service automatically migrated to the Business Ultimate ...

As Internet advertising booms, watch out for mobile
Mobile Broadband / / 4/14/14
Meanwhile, non-mobile Internet advertising grew “only” 10.5 percent in the last year. I won't go further into the numbers; the tale they tell is blindingly obvious. In the 21st Century, Americans are creatures of the Web. We depend on the Internet for news, for ...

Kenya's Safaricom Uses Free Wi-Fi to Hook Consumers on Mobile Internet
Mobile Broadband / Wall Street Journal (blog) / 4/14/14
Only about 16% of Africa's one billion people use the Internet, according to the International Telecommunication Union industry group. That is well ... Mobile-broadband penetration on the continent rose to 11% last year from 2% in 2010, the group says.

Tibco Brings Reusability To Web, Mobile Apps
Mobile Web / InformationWeek / 4/14/14
Tibco announced on Friday that it's bringing cutting-edge web and mobile data-integration and application-integration capabilities to its venerable ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks product with a 6.0 release of the platform. Thousands of companies and more than ...

Does the rise of mobile apps mean decline of the open web?
Mobile Web / Tnooz / 4/14/14
DEVICES: How consumers use their devices seems to run in a kind of cycle – one minute we are apparently hearing the death knell of apps as the mobile web improves, but as users – forever creatures of habit – settle with their favourites brands they opt for ...

Microsoft Office has finally made it's way onto the iPad
Microsoft Office / / 4/14/14
Every month hundreds of new apps make their debut. I download a bunch of them to brings you Apps to Know. This time around, Microsoft Office has finally made it's way onto the iPad. Plus, there's an app for kids that will virtually put a bear in their very own ...

The Microsoft Surface Mini is on Borrowed Time – It's Now or Never for Redmond
Microsoft Tablet PC / Highlight Press / 4/14/14
Microsoft's entry to the tablet PC market left a fair bit to be desired, if we're being completely honest. Given the way in which the original Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets spectacularly failed to gain any kind of footing whatsoever, it's pretty astonishing that a ...

Windows XP shutdown opens up prolific information security market
Operating System Market Share / People's Daily Online / 4/14/14
BEIJING, April 15 -- Microsoft has stopped providing technical assistance for Windows XP, a 13-year-old PC operating system, opening up prolific opportunities in the information security market. Computers can still run XP, but it will become more ... Since more software and hardware manufactures make their upgraded products compatible to the latest Windows operating systems, a plenty of applications cannot be used in XP, making it fall far short of users' demands. Statistics from over one billion computers in more ...

VIDEO: Bring Back Apple's Mac Vs. PC Ads Since Windows XP Isn't Supported
Operating System Market Share / Telemanagement / 4/14/14
Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP last Tuesday–over 12 years since it was first sold in October 2001. While most businesses knew this was coming, almost 30% of the worldwide installed PC operating systems are still running on Windows XP.

Microsoft to Privately Support Some XP Users
Windows / Guardian Liberty Voice / 4/14/14
On April 8, 2014, support ended for Windows XP. The company announced that support for the operating system would be terminating with a fairly lengthy six year lead time. Back in 2008, Microsoft made the decision to end support for the XP operating ...

Microsoft Eyes 3D Face Scanning as Another Windows Phone Device Feature
Windows / International Business Times AU / 4/14/14
It also decided to make Windows free for OEMs to let them have more freedom to produce devices for its OS. Redmond also envisioned to eliminate the gap between Windows and other operating systems by making it easy to develop apps that will run across ...

IRS Pays Microsoft for Extended XP Support
Windows / eWeek / 4/14/14
... IRS is paying Microsoft to keep Windows XP going after the company retired the over-the-hill OS. Microsoft may have officially pulled the plug on Windows XP, but organizations that want to keep enduring the operating system on life support have to pay up.

The future of Microsoft mobile: Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana
Windows / Geek / 4/14/14
Windows Phone 8.1 feels like a bold new experience with all of the features you expect a smartphone to have today, and it makes the platform feel complete for the first time. While currently ... From the excellent new Swype-style keyboard that gives Google's keyboard a run for its money to the incredibly smooth animations all over the OS, Microsoft has managed a level of polish even in existing devices that their Android counterparts often struggle with — and with significantly less hardware under the hood. The Nokia ...

SD Times Blog: Microsoft kills Windows 8.1 while pushing Windows Phone 8.1
Windows / (blog) / 4/14/14
Thomas went as far as to recommend enterprise and IT users refrain from installing the update until another update is released fixing the SSL connection issue. This leaves customers who haven't yet updated to Windows 8.1 Update 1 in limbo between an OS ...

IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Custom Support
Windows / Gizmodo Australia / 4/14/14
Nevertheless, April 8 came and went with the IRS still having failed to update over half of its computers to Windows 7. Of course, with tax day less than 24 hours away, the IRS can't exactly risk leaving any part of its system vulnerable, so it will fork over millions ...

Microsoft Says Enterprises Must Install Windows 8.1 Update (Then Warns ...
Windows / CruxialCIO / 4/14/14
Microsoft said customers running Windows 8.1 on their PCs and tablets will have to install a recently released, major upgrade to continue receiving security patches for the OS. The upgrade, known as Windows 8.1 Update, is, however, unavailable through Microsoft's Windows Server Update Services until Redmond fixes a bug in the distribution system. Wait until Microsoft fixes issues with WSUS before attempting to install Windows 8.1 Update. “Windows 8.1 users—starting Patch Tuesday in May 2014 and ...

Download Adobe Flash Player 12 for iPhone, Android & Tablets
Flash / Alpha Wired / 4/14/14
Many people just like yourself are searching the internet in a hope to find how to play Adobe Flash objects on their Android phone or tablet. Today we will explain how to make this possible. Today we will explain a very simple problem that many smartphone ...

Adobe Flash Player 13′s free download brings multiple upgrades
Flash / Alpha Wired / 4/14/14
Adobe Flash has been around for as long as I can remember, but that doesn't mean the extremely popular (and pretty much necessary) software doesn't have room for upgrades. With the latest Adobe Flash 13 version, Flash is getting multiple improvements.

SUSE Seeks Easier Mainframe Linux Installation
Linux / Database Trends and Applications / 4/14/14
SUSE, provider of an enterprise Linux distribution, is offering a starter system for mainframe customers to simplify SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for System z installation and startup. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z is optimized for the IBM ...

Google search results could rank encrypted sites higher: Report
Google / NDTV / 4/14/14
Could Google be making another change to its famous search algorithm? For most websites, showing up early in Google's search results is critical, and it's possible that the company will be making some changes to the way it ranks sites, to give more visibility ...

Mini-sub tries again after first search for MH370 aborted
Yahoo / Yahoo News / 4/14/14
Perth (Australia) (AFP) - A mini-sub hunting for Malaysian jet MH370 prepared to make a second mission to the remote Indian Ocean seabed Tuesday after aborting its first search as it encountered water deeper than its operating limits, officials said.

Malaysia jet search area too deep for submarine
Yahoo / Yahoo News / 4/14/14
Search crews sent the U.S. Navy's Bluefin 21 into the depths Monday to begin scouring the seabed for the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 after failing for six days to detect any new signals believed to be coming from its black boxes. But the 16-hour ...

Search For Missing Marathon Runner Continues
Yahoo / Yahoo News UK / 4/14/14
The Metropolitan Police previously said Mami Konneh Lahun had returned to her accommodation on Monday - but a spokesman told Sky News this was an error and that the search had never been called off. The 24-year-old had been staying at an address in ...

Yahoo's Yelp Partnership Wipes Out Old Local Business Reviews
Yahoo / Search Engine Watch / 4/14/14
"We partnered with Yelp, one of the most trusted, relevant sources of consumer business reviews, to provide a richer search experience for Yahoo users," says a spokeswoman for the Sunnyvale, Calif., company. "That's why when Yelp's reviews are available ...

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: US underwater drone takes over search
Yahoo / Yahoo News / 4/14/14
While the previously captured pings and a recently discovered oil slick have helped to narrow down the search area, Mr. Houston notes that there is no guarantee that the Bluefin-21 will be able to find the missing plane. “I would caution you against raising ...

DC Circ. Blasts 'Porn Troll' AF's Bad Faith In ISP Subpoenas
ISP / Law360 (subscription) / 4/14/14
Law360, Washington (April 14, 2014, 8:20 PM ET) -- A D.C. Circuit panel on Monday criticized so-called porn copyright troll AF Holdings LLC for seeking personal information from Cox Communications Inc. and other Internet service providers on more than 1,000 web users accused of downloading a ... Although the trial court signed off on AF Holdings' subpoenas on Comcast Cable Communications LLC, Bright House Networks LLC, Cox, AT&T Internet Services and Verizon Online LLC, Judge David S. Tatel said.

Cablevision leads Netflix ISP Speed Index in March
ISP / Telecompaper (subscription) / 4/14/14
In the US, the average speed on the Comcast network for Netflix streams is up 65 percent from 1.15Mbps in January to 2.5Mbps in March, according to the March Netflix ISP Speed Index. Cablevision-Optimum ranked as the top internet service provider in ...

Plateau announces plans for gigabit Internet service
Connection Speed / Clovis News Journal / 4/14/14
Plateau recently announced plans for Gigabit Clovis, which will offer gigabit Internet service to residential customers as early as this summer. According to Plateau officials, a fiber optic gigabit connection is 100 times faster than the average megabit Internet ... That fast speed should mean little to no buffering time for video chatting, uploading and streaming videos and movies, playing games and more. It will also allow multiple users within a home to use large amounts of bandwidth at the same time. Vince Tyson, chief ...

Cogeco launches three improved Business Internet packages
Connection Speed / Telecompaper (subscription) / 4/14/14
Cogeco Cable Canada has announced the launch of three new and improved Business High Speed Internet (HSI) packages in Belleville and Trenton, Ontario. These improvements are the result of the implementation of the DOCSIS 3.0 technology in ...

Cogeco rolls out faster Internet packages for businesses in Belleville, Trenton
Connection Speed / (subscription) / 4/14/14
MONTREAL - Cogeco Cable launched three new business high speed Internet (HSI) packages in Belleville and Trenton, ON on Monday. Powered by DOCSIS 3.0 technology, the new Business ... The download speed of the existing starter package will be increased from up to 10 to up to 16 Mbps (applicable starting April 15, 2014), and current HSI Enterprise package customers will have their service automatically migrated to the Business Ultimate package. These improvements will be offered at no additional cost.

Cincinnati Bell Inc.: Cincinnati Bell to Provide Fioptics Gigabit Internet Speed To ...
Connection Speed / The Wall Street Transcript / 4/14/14
CINCINNATI - [April 14, 2014] - Cincinnati Bell, a leader in telecommunications and broadband networking services, today announced that it has established a strategic partnership with The Brandery to provide up to 1 gigabit Internet speed to the business ... In addition to providing data and voice to The Brandery, Cincinnati Bell also will provide voice and data service to members of The Brandery's 2014 class who remain in Cincinnati upon graduation, and Cincinnati Bell employees will volunteer as mentors to ...

2014 Global Mobile Broadband Market Analysis & Statistics New Study ...
Mobile Broadband / Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release) / 4/14/14
Global Mobile Broadband – Insights and Statistics for a Game Changing Industry, provides important insights into the worldwide mobile broadband industry and includes trends, analyses, statistics and case studies. It provides insights into the fast growing LTE ...

CTU to consult on wholesale broadband, mobile termination
Mobile Broadband / Telecompaper (subscription) / 4/14/14
Czech regulator CTU Council discussed at its latest meeting the analysis of relevant market 4 (wholesale/physical access to network infrastructure) and market 5 (wholesale broadband access). The Council approved public consultations on both documents.

Studies: Web performance impacting experience, Responsive Design slowing ...
Mobile Web / BizReport / 4/14/14
Because many sites aren't optimized for mobile screen sizes. "The mobile Web is considerably slower than its wireline counterpart," said Ted Verani, SVP of sales and marketing at Trilibis. "By serving images and pages that are optimized for mobile devices, ...

If mobile users prefer apps over browsers, is the Web damaged?
Mobile Web / FierceEnterpriseCommunications / 4/14/14
As the mobile Web UX further deteriorates, the momentum toward apps will only increase." Of course, the VC firm to which Dixon contributes bears the name of the fellow who created Netscape, the first great browser. But there's a huge underlying presumption ...

Microsoft Office comes to Google's Chrome OS -- now who's Scroogled?
Microsoft Office / BetaNews / 4/14/14
What was once the crown jewel of software, Microsoft Office, has arguably been devalued by free offerings. It used to be that when you bought a computer, you pretty much had to buy Office too. Sure, some people got by with the low-rent Works package, but ...

Microsoft Office Hits Google's Chrome Web Store
Microsoft Office / Wall Street Journal / 4/14/14
For more than two years, Microsoft has been pushing cloud-syncing versions of its Office software suite. Office 365 connects Office apps to the cloud (namely OneDrive), and Office Online offers browser-based document editing. Now, about two weeks after ...

Smartphone, Tablet PC Earnings to Start Slowing This Year
Microsoft Tablet PC / The Chosun Ilbo / 4/14/14
Smartphone, Tablet PC Earnings to Start Slowing This Year. The global markets for smartphones, tablets, PCs, TV sets and videogame consoles will start to slow down this year, global consulting firm Deloitte said Monday. Deloitte predicted the global market ...

Office comes to the Chrome Web Store along with a slew of upgrades
Chrome / Engadget / 4/14/14
To start with, Office has reached the Chrome Web Store. You can now launch most of the productivity suite's web apps (Excel is due soon) in the Chrome browser or Chrome OS just by clicking a shortcut. Clearly, the crew from Redmond is no longer averse to ...

Google Chrome 35 Beta Shows Off Future Updates
Chrome / eWeek / 4/14/14
Google is always working on future beta and developer versions of its Chrome Web browser, and the latest beta Version 35 promises some cool new tools for developers that will enable them to build even richer online content. Google's latest Chrome 34 Web ...

Virtual Easter Egg hunt: Google hides surprises in Chrome browser
Chrome / The FA Daily / 4/14/14
Virtual Easter Egg hunt: Google hides surprises in Chrome browser. Anyone using Google Chrome may want to look around for some Easter surprises hidden in the popular web browser. Virtual Easter Egg hunt: Google hides surprises in Chrome browser.

IRS to pay Microsoft millions for Windows XP support
Windows / Delhi Daily News / 4/13/14
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the US is known for taking money in the form of fine from different companies but this time the tables have turned as IRS will pay millions of dollars to software giant Microsoft for receiving Windows XP support. It is to be noted that support for Microsoft Windows XP officially stopped on April 8 with Microsoft saying that it will not provide support or security updates for the venerable OS. However, the computers used in government departments cannot be left exposed to attack and ...

IRS missed Windows XP deadline, pays millions to Microsoft for support
Windows / TweakTown / 4/13/14
"Now we find out that you've been struggling to come up with $30 million to finish migrating to Windows 7, even though Microsoft announced in 2008 that it would stop supporting Windows XP past 2014," said Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-Fla), chairman of the ...

Adobe Flash Player 13 Free Download – Offering Enhanced Features
Flash / CultureMob (blog) / 4/13/14
When you use the Adobe Flash platform along with AIR, businesses are enabled to perform better, as they can deliver a richer customer and user experiences on different digital points. With the help of the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player, it is easy for ...

Google Supports New Schema for Multiple Business Phone Numbers
Google / Search Engine Watch / 4/13/14
If you haven't been using any rich markup schema on your website, you're missing out on some opportunities for search engines to better semantically understand your website. At the very minimum, most site should use authorship markup. Site owners ...

Wild West Cloud Fest will search for Google answers
Google / hays Post / 4/13/14
Wild West Cloud Fest will search for Google answers. FHSU University Relations. A high-intensity, one-day conference focusing on Google Apps for Education and other Open Education Resources to promote teaching and learning in classrooms across ...

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