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Find the latest Connection Speed news below. We do our best to screen the news provided here for relevance and accuracy, but the links to articles found here are from 3rd parties so occassionally less pertinent materials get published. Please feel free to contact us to report other relevant articles, or to let us know of any material that should be removed.

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Improved High-Speed Internet Now Available in Renfrew County
Connection Speed / Marketwired (press release) / 8/22/14
In areas that cannot connect with the wired service, a satellite solution provides connectivity to speeds of up to 10 Mbps. ... The entire project is helping to improve high-speed Internet throughout the nearly 50,000 square kilometres of Eastern Ontario, a region encompassing the counties of Hastings, Peterborough, Renfrew, Northumberland, Haliburton, Frontenac, Lanark, Prince Edward, Lennox and Addington, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, the ...

Special offer for Orange Internet subscribers
Connection Speed / / 8/22/14
After consuming high speed bundle inclusions, customers can use unlimited internet with up to 512Kb/s speed, the press service of Orange Armenia reported. “Orange continues its efforts towards making internet services more available for the Armenian ...

Superfast broadband arrives in Conwy
Connection Speed / North Wales Pioneer / 8/22/14
Following the launch of the new service by company Xwaria, the first people to sign up have been speaking of the benefits it has given them at home and in the workplace. Paul Evans, aged 30, of Conwy, said: “I have spent the last 11 years with another internet supplier. I continually had poor download ... The new network, which harnesses a number of broadband technologies including fibre-optic, wireless and copper, has enabled people in Conwy to enjoy the benefits of a high-speed connection. Conwy business ...

AT&T Will Bring Gigabit Internet To Cupertino, Home Of Apple
Connection Speed / Hot Hardware / 8/21/14
Wondering just how fast 1Gbps Internet service is? At full throttle, that level of broadband means you can download 25 songs in a single second, your ... "Cupertino is leading the way in creating an environment that fosters innovation, and the deployment of ultra-high-speed broadband service will further support innovation in our community, spur our local businesses, and result in even greater economic development in our city. We are very pleased to work with AT&T to offer this unprecedented service to our residents ...

AT&T bringing GigaPower Internet to Cupertino
Connection Speed / domain-B / 8/21/14
AT&T says it will provide GigaPower Internet to Cupertino, and several Bay Area cities including Mountain View, Campbell, San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco, business and technology website Tech Times reported. The gigabit-speed fibre service is on ...

Free high-speed Internet kiosk launched in Dorset
Connection Speed / / 8/21/14
The Township of Algonquin Highlands will launch a new high-speed Internet kiosk on Aug. 21. Members of the community are invited to come and celebrate this free service on Thursday, Aug. 21 at 3 p.m. at the Dorset Recreation Centre. Light appetizers and ...

ViaSat Rolls Out Satellite Internet In Alaska, Hawaii, Florida
Connection Speed / / 8/21/14
Carlsbad-based satellite and wireless technology and services developer ViaSat is rolling out its satellite Internet service in Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida, the firm said yesterday, in an expansion of the company's Exede high speed satellite service. According to ...

GigaPower Internet to be brought to Silicon Valley by AT&T
Connection Speed / The Football Examiner / 8/21/14
Soon Silicon Valley will be getting high speed internet as AT&T is bringing GigaPower internet to the region. AT&T had been considering several Bay Area cities where it can bring the service. Aside from Cupertino, the list included Mountain View, Campbell, ...

Cogeco Cable expands internet service in Brockville, Chatham
Connection Speed / Telecompaper (subscription) / 8/21/14
Cogeco Cable Canada has launched its Ultimate 120 High Speed Internet (HSI) residential package and enhanced its Turbo 20 and Ultimate 55 High Speed Internet packages in Brockville and Chatham, Ontario. Currently subscribers will immediately benefit ...

PIAC applauds Industry Canada's spectrum proposals, touts availability of ...
Connection Speed / (subscription) / 8/21/14
Quoting 2012 CRTC data that found that 75% of Canadian households had Internet access at 1.5 Mbps download speeds, 62% had Internet access at 5 Mbps download speeds, and only 72% could access LTE-speed of service, PIAC said that changes are ...

FCC and states, Democrats and Republicans, butt heads over municipal ...
Connection Speed / ConsumerAffairs / 8/21/14
Earlier this month, the FCC suggested changing its current broadband standards: if the proposed changes go through, the minimum downloading speed required for an Internet connection to call itself “broadband” would rise to 10 Mbps (megabytes per second) ... Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, and Corey A. Booker, along with Representatives Henry A. Waxman and Anna G. Eshoo – urged the FCC to use all of its authority to promote affordable, high quality broadband service in communities across the country:.

TDS® announces completion of two more ARRA broadband stimulus projects
Connection Speed / WebWire (press release) / 8/21/14
TDS Telecom (TDS®) announces the completion of two more American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus-funded broadband Internet projects. The projects, in Mississippi and Tennessee, deliver access to high-speed Internet service to ...

City of Bridgeport to participate in Internet pilot program
Connection Speed / State Journal / 8/21/14
The City of Bridgeport is participating in a pilot program which would connect 100 homes to a high speed fiber network, increasing Internet speeds up to 200 times faster than a typical broadband connection. “This proposed pilot project carries tremendous ...

Improved High-Speed Internet Now Available in Kawartha Lakes and ...
Connection Speed / / 8/21/14
The region of Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough County are two of the many areas across Eastern Ontario to receive improved high-speed Internet service through Ontario's largest rural broadband network project. The entire project is helping to improve ...

SWIFT rushing toward high-speed Internet access
Connection Speed / Londoner / 8/20/14
A regional fibre-optic initiative is hoping ultra-high speed internet connectivity can bridge gaps between communities, foster innovation and once again restore a competitive edge to an area hit hard by a decimated manufacturing industry. Municipal leaders from across southwestern Ontario met in London Sunday, ... Ultimately, they aim to provide 1 gigabyte service for all 3,000 communities in southwestern Ontario for less than $100 a month. Major telecom companies go where the money is - mainly high-population ...

Gigabit broadband speed spreads throughout state
Connection Speed / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / 8/20/14
Internet providers in Siren and a handful of other rural towns offer what's called gigabit broadband speed, roughly 1,000 megabits per second, compared with 15 to 20 megabits per second for a typical cable Internet connection around here. The national ... Our saying here is 'big city technology and small town service,'" said Sid Sherstad, president and general manager of the Siren Telephone Co., which offers broadband speeds up to one gigabit per second to all of the village's homes and small businesses.

AT&T to Deliver Super-Fast Internet Service in Silicon Valley
Connection Speed / Industry Leaders Magazine (subscription) / 8/20/14
Altogether, AT&T has said it plans to stretch the 1Gbps Gigapower internet in up to 100 cities and districts over 25 business sectors across the country. Other Silicon Valley and Bay Area communities are still on the rundown, including, ... “And the deployment of ultra-high-speed broadband service will further support innovation in our community, spur our local businesses, and result in even greater economic development in our city.” Silicon Valley in California is likewise considered an appealing target audience for its ...

Cupertino getting high-speed internet service, but not from Google Fiber
Connection Speed / PopHerald Technology News / 8/20/14
Cupertino, California is getting an ultra high-speed internet service, but it's not from the much sought after Google Fiber service. Of all providers, AT&T announced that it's bringing the first fiber service to California city that hosts top tech companies including ...

Report: States with faster Internet service have smarter residents
Connection Speed / TweakTown / 8/20/14
Access to fast broadband Internet may not be dumbing younger generations down after all, with faster Web access is more conductive to learning, according to the "States with Faster Internet Access Have Smarter People" report published by High Speed ...

Taking speed test, survey could improve Tahoe Internet
Connection Speed / Reno Gazette Journal / 8/20/14
The survey, which is available to anyone in the Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows or Squaw Valley USA areas, asks users to partake in a speed test and answer brief questions about their Internet service. The test, which will be available through the end of ...

Bridgeport looking into high-speed internet program for residents and businesses
Connection Speed / wajr / 8/20/14
During the pilot program, Citynet, a Bridgeport-based company, will partner with the city to operate and maintain the network at no cost to Bridgeport, connecting approximately 100 homes to a high-speed fiber network. The area will consist of the following ...

Spectrum changes could limit rural Canada's access to Internet: Xplornet
Connection Speed / MetroNews Canada / 8/20/14
WOODSTOCK, N.B. – One of the country's largest rural broadband service providers is claiming proposed spectrum changes could limit access to high-speed Internet access for rural Canadians and leave them disconnected. Xplornet Communications Inc.

South Africans: victims of Internet apartheid
Connection Speed / MyBroadband / 8/19/14
South African Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are often blamed for poor international connection speeds. However, many factors which cause poor speeds are outside of the control of local ISPs. Some of the factors influencing international Internet speeds include firewalls, servers, the configuration of tunnels, the receiving or sending connection speed, available capacity at any given moment, limits applied to sessions (shaping), and the distance and latency to and from the location being accessed. Even the ability ...

AT&T to deliver 1Gbps broadband to Silicon Valley
Connection Speed / CNET / 8/19/14
On Wednesday, the company said that Cupertino, the home of tech giant Apple, has been added to the list of cities that will get its ultra-high speed broadband service in the coming months. AT&T is already offering the broadband service, which delivers 1Gbps downloads as well as 1Gbps uploads, in Austin, ... when it would start building the Cupertino network. Currently, the company charges $70 a month for the 1Gbps high speed Internet service. This is also the same price that Google charges for its 1Gbps serice.

Suddenlink announces Internet speed upgrade project
Connection Speed / Springfield News-Leader / 8/19/14
NIXA – As the clock ticks on a study of Internet use in Nixa, one of the city's top providers announced an effort to boost surfing speeds. Suddenlink unveiled a program to offer 1-gigabit per second service to all of its customers. “Earlier this year, PC Magazine ...

AT&T Plots Zippiest Internet Speed in Google's Backyard
Connection Speed / Bloomberg / 8/19/14
Introduction of the service is several months away, AT&T said. While Google started selling its own gigabit-speed fiber connections in Kansas City two years ago and has since added Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas, it doesn't have a similar offering in California. ... “AT&T's decision to launch and expand the GigaPower network goes well beyond our competitors' fiber plans,” Eric Boyer, senior vice president of AT&T's U-verse Internet service, wrote in an e-mail. “Wiring Cupertino is a no-brainer given our presence here ...

Solveforce Expands Their DSL Internet Service to San Diego, California
Connection Speed / Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release) / 8/19/14
A DSL Internet service connector in San Diego ( can also sometimes be titled an electronic transfer because it uses existing two copper telephone wires. The biggest benefit is that a DSL service client can access the net services as well as the ... This specially built field has the potential to encrypt data comfortably, and boost net transmission speed up-to 50 times faster than the otherwise services. The users consider this service accessible as it is less annoying and little costly.

Satellite broadband finally opens up the internet to me
Connection Speed / BetaNews / 8/18/14
When connected, the laughable internet speed meant that -- of course -- it was impossible to make or receive phone calls; the phone would ring so I'd know a call was coming, but the audio had a distinctly underwater feel at best. Text messages worked fine, so it was worth keeping ... A quick call to customer service revealed that the relatively high latency of the connection meant that the signal booster would not be able to sync with the server and would therefore be unusable. Drat and darn! Still... it seems like a small ...

Cincinnati Bell Announces Gigabit Internet Service to Consumers
Connection Speed / Fort Mills Times / 8/18/14
Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics Gigabit Internet speed is up to 100 times faster than normal broadband Internet. Cincinnati Bell began offering gigabit Internet service to small businesses earlier this summer. Torbeck noted that The Brandery, the small business ...

State of the Internet
Connection Speed / Manila Standard Today / 8/18/14
The first quarter State of the Internet report from Akamai, a major US-based provider of cloud services, shows that the Philippines had an average connection speed of only 2.1 megabits per second (Mbps) in the first quarter of 2014, near the bottom of a list of 14 Asia Pacific countries ... Statistics gathered by Internet metrics company Ookla show that the Philippines has the 63rd most expensive Internet service among 64 countries, at $22.33 per Mbps (the only country more expensive is South Africa with $23.14).

Cable Providers Now Have More Internet Customers
Connection Speed / / 8/18/14
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- For the first time, Internet service subscribers now outnumber TV service subscribers at the country's top cable companies, according to a newly published survey. Leichtman Research Group reports the country's largest cable and telephone providers, which represent more than 90% of the total market, added nearly 385,000 net additional high-speed Internet subscribers in the second quarter of 2014. When combined, (50.7 million subscribers from cable companies and 35.2 from telephone ...

Consumers Can Now Enjoy Google's Lightning Fast Internet Speeds for Free
Connection Speed / NASDAQ / 8/16/14
Google 's Fiber is the fastest broadband Internet service ever created, with speeds up to 100 times faster than average. Yet, as Google ... This is especially true in rural areas of the country where public library and fast-speed Internet connections are limited.

Home News Help Bring Broadband to Rural and Remote Areas...
Connection Speed / Caledon Enterprise / 8/15/14
For some Caledon residents and business owners, high-speed Internet is not available and cost of service is high; Federal money is essential to resolve these issues. The Federal Government has launched Connecting Canadians, a program designed to ...

Myanmar braces for slow Internet speed
Connection Speed / The Nation / 8/15/14
Internet users in Myanmar should brace for slow Internet speed for a month, following the service disruption of the underwater cable that links the country with the rest of the world. Win Aung from Overseas Department under Myanmar Post and ...

Municipal broadband for Syracuse? It's worth study and debate (Editorial) - The Post-Standard
Connection Speed / (blog) / 8/14/14
Let's also recognize that the for-profit Internet service providers that built high-speed networks have largely given up on some urban areas like Syracuse. Yet the industry fears municipal broadband enough to lobby furiously for state and federal laws banning it ...

Lightning disrupted phone, Internet service
Connection Speed / Western Star / 8/14/14
The section of fibre optic cable had to be replaced, resulting in service issues affecting long-distance telephone calls and high-speed Internet in communities from Pasadena to Parsons Pond, including Deer Lake. According to Bell Aliant, the outage started 2 ...

AT&T's Launches Super Fast Internet Speed
Connection Speed / CBS Local / 8/14/14
AT&T launched its new Gigapower Internet service Thursday. Customers in Highland Park and University Park are the first to get to try it out. AT&T says it's the fastest internet speed the DFW area has ever seen. “Fast, fast, fast,” is how Hardmon Williams III, ...

SaskTel expands internet service in three new markets
Connection Speed / Telecompaper (subscription) / 8/14/14
SaskTel has announced it has expanded its High Speed Basic Level 2 internet service to new markets, including Paddockwood, Domremy and Loreburn. The new internet service provides residents in these areas with broadband speeds up to 5 Mbps ...

AT&T launches ultra-fast GigaPower Internet service in Dallas area today
Connection Speed / Dallas Morning News / 8/13/14
AT&T did not disclose the specific areas where its high-speed fiber service, called U-Verse with AT&T GigaPower, is offered. But the company did indicate that it is available only in areas that already receive U-verse, an Internet and television service that is the ...

ViaSat Launching "Virtually Unlimited" Satellite Internet Plan
Connection Speed / Techlicious (blog) / 8/13/14
But there is some good news on that front: Satellite Internet service is getting better. Today, ViaSat announced the August 18 launch of a “virtually unlimited” high-speed Internet satellite plan called Freedom across much of the United States for $70 per month.

Cable competitor bringing gigabit Internet to Central District homes, expansion to ...
Connection Speed / CHS Capitol Hill Seattle / 8/13/14
It's been years in the making, but super-speed Internet is finally making serious inroads into Seattle neighborhoods. Last week CenturyLink announced it would immediately start building out 1,000 megabit per second service — about 100 times faster than ...

Courtyard Chicago Deerfield Boosts Internet Speed
Connection Speed / Broadway World / 8/12/14
Whether sending business emails or downloading videos during downtime, visitors can do it easier with the Deerfield hotel's upgraded high-speed Internet of 100MB download speeds. As the only hotel in the area featuring Internet at such a fast speed, the ...

Arkansas partners with national nonprofit group to bring high-speed broadband ...
Connection Speed / KASU / 8/12/14
The initial study results, which focus on Internet access to schools, highlight a significant opportunity to deliver high-speed connectivity to all Arkansas students by better leveraging existing funds, working closely with the vendor community and replicating successful district models throughout the state. “Providing ... "With the leadership of the Arkansas Department of Education, the General Assembly, our school districts and service providers, we can give our children the resources they need to compete and succeed.”.

Virginia tops “State of the Internet” Alaska claims slowest Internet speed
Connection Speed / Gotta Film / 8/12/14
All criteria used in ranking the fastest and the slowest Internet services in U.S. include the exact location of the house where the service is being used, the health of your computer, the broadband provider, the quantity of computer memory, the programs that are running, add-on programs, spyware and viruses. Apparently, Akamai Technologies is the leading provider of cloud services. In administering the study, the latter pointed out the average Internet speed of every state in the U.S.. Next to Virginia is Delaware and ...

Harb vows to boost Internet speeds
Connection Speed / The Daily Star / 8/12/14
BEIRUT: Lebanon's telecommunications minister promised to boost the average Internet connection speed across the country in “a couple of months” after the implementation of a set of measures aimed at regulating the sector. Boutros ... ISPs have for some time been requesting additional capacity from Ogero to boost the Internet speed for existing DSL customers, as per the Telecommunications Ministry's advertised data plans, according to Khaldoun Farhat, the CEO of Terranet, a leading Internet service provider in ...

Speed boost: Itasca County sets goal of broadband Internet for all
Connection Speed / Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews / 8/12/14
The Browns pay $130 a month for satellite service – and it's not even fast enough for video conferencing. “The fact is we live in rural Itasca County, with three kids in the Grand Rapids school district, and we need high-speed internet to do our jobs,” Aaron ...

The best (and worst) states for internet speed
Connection Speed / / 8/12/14
This map of average internet speeds, posted on Betanews and Lifehacker from Akamai, reveals the speed results by state. The dark green ones ... Virginia has the fastest internet service in the country, probably because of Google Fiber. (Google, when are ...

Nonprofit group to connect Arkansas students to high-speed broadband
Connection Speed / Newton County Times (subscription) / 8/12/14
LITTLE ROCK — Governor Mike Beebe announced Monday that the Arkansas Department of Education has partnered with EducationSuperHighway, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving Internet access in schools. Together, they have conducted the ...

Starkville sees limited rollout of MetroCast fiber Internet
Connection Speed / The Commercial Dispatch / 8/12/14
Like rival C Spire, MetroCast is also unveiling its own Fiber to the Home initiative, a service that promises high-speed Internet connections to subscribers' homes in Starkville. Comparatively, MetroCast previously promised speeds up to 50 megabytes per ...

High-speed Internet coming to an additional 280000 households
Connection Speed / (blog) / 8/12/14
Ted Falk, MP for Provencher, is pleased to provide an update on Connecting Canadians, a new Government of Canada program that will bring high-speed Internet to 280,000 Canadian households that currently do not have Internet or have slower access. Between now and 2017, the ... In the weeks ahead, Canadians and Internet service providers (ISP) are invited to visit the new Connecting Canadians website to offer their input on communities that could be eligible to receive funding. The maps on the Connecting ...

Rockport hopes high-speed Internet gives business boost
Connection Speed / WMTW Portland / 8/11/14
Rockport's goal is that the speedier network service will attract businesspeople to its downtown. Sen. Angus King hoped the project will serve as a blueprint for other rural towns that could be doomed without it. "Internet service in my opinion is exactly like ...

Uzbek internet service becomes faster, cheaper
Connection Speed / Central Asia Online / 8/11/14
Starting August 1, the maximum internet speed in Uzbekistan reached 11.8 Gbps. "The process is ... "All data reach us from a single fiber optic cable that runs through Kazakhstan," Vladimir Derevyanko, an engineer at an Uzbek internet service provider, said.

Cities Are Fighting States over Municipal Broadband
Connection Speed / Governing / 8/11/14
But private Internet service providers would not join the city in building a high-speed broadband network, so in 2006 Wilson's city council voted unanimously to go it alone, borrowing about $35 million to deliver fiber optic cable to homes, schools and ...

Kentucky ranks low in Internet speeds
Connection Speed / Bowling Green Daily News / 8/11/14
For an increasingly technology-based economy, Internet speed creates a competitive advantage for states in attracting businesses, Mefford said. Efforts to expand access to broadband service for people in Warren County are going well with a company called ...

Rockport seeks to lure entrepreneurs with new high-speed Internet program
Connection Speed / Mainebiz Daily / 8/11/14
The town of Rockport is seeking to lure entrepreneurs with a new high-speed Internet program that was made possible through a public-private partnership. The Bangor Daily News reported that the new broadband Internet service was made possible by a ...

Virginia has the Fastest Internet Connection in the US; Alaska the Slowest
Connection Speed / Chinatopix / 8/11/14
Below 4 Mbps is considered low-speed broadband and no state falls under this category. Actual internet speeds vary widely depending on the service provider, type of connection (cable, DSL, and alike) and the place where one lives. Akamai also checked ...

Korea falls in Internet penetration rate rankings
Connection Speed / Korea Times / 8/10/14
"Korea's wired and wireless Internet speed and technological sophistication is far more advanced than in other countries. But the latest OECD data does not reflect such qualitative growth," an official at the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said.

Regulators consider redefining broadband
Connection Speed / Columbus Dispatch / 8/10/14
WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission has proposed changing the definition of high-speed Internet to require download speeds of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) or higher to qualify as broadband. The commission ... The FCC has the authority to regulate Internet service providers such as Verizon Communications Inc., Comcast Corp. and AT&T Inc. as it oversees the rollout of broadband services to all Americans “in a reasonable and timely fashion” directed by U.S. telecommunications law.

'Internet Speeds by State' map is out. How did your state fare?
Connection Speed / Tech Times / 8/10/14
The demand for a faster and more reliable Internet speed has caused major service providers to consistently enhance their services in order to keep their current subscribers and to attract new customers as well. Almost every state has experienced a steady ...

Virginia has fastest average internet speeds in the US
Connection Speed / Inferse / 8/10/14
Various factors considered, while deciding the fastest and the slowest Internet service in U.S, were the health of the computer, the broadband provider, exact location of the house where the service is being used, the programs that are running, the quantity of ...

Virginia tops the list of fastest internet speed in US
Connection Speed / Capital Technologies / 8/10/14
Long ago, when internet was at its infancy, people did not bother about speed. But now, it is the most important thing as can be seen from the record made by Virginia for having fastest average speed in US. None prefers to wait nowadays for webpage to load ...

Virginia boasts the fastest Internet in the country, while Alaska Last
Connection Speed / WallStreet OTC / 8/10/14
The inconsistency in connection speeds in different parts of the country can be gauged with a glance at the map from the Internet Service provider Broadview Networks. The people in the Northern region are blessed with faster internet speed as compared to ...

Data Shows That Virginia BearsThe Fastest Internet Connection
Connection Speed / / 8/10/14
Conclusions were taken from a map from Broadview Networks, internet service provider. The map shows the connection speeds of different parts of the country. Based on this, it can be stated that residents of northern states have better internet speed than ...

Virginia Offers Fastest Internet in United States; Alaska Slowest
Connection Speed / Uncover California / 8/10/14
Virginia offers the fastest internet service in the country while the residents of Alaska get the slowest internet speed. Sadly, California does not feature among the fastest internet access states. The report “State of the Internet”, published by Akamai ...

Comcast and Time Warner Should be Terrified of Google Fiber, Internet Users ...
Connection Speed / NASDAQ / 8/10/14
The top upgrade for Comcast will take Internet speed from 105 megabits per second to 150 Mbps in the city, while Google Fiber hits 1,000 megabits per second, or 1Gbps. Google offers its 1Gbps service for just $70 per month. For half that speed, Comcast ...

New map shows America's hot and cold spots for broadband
Connection Speed / Delhi Daily News / 8/9/14
The map also shows that California, with an average Internet connection speed of 10.9 Mbps, ranks 20th; and is even behind Utah, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, which respectively have average speeds of 12.1 Mbps, 11.7 Mbps, and 11.7 Mbps.

US States with Fastest Internet Speed; And the Winner is…
Connection Speed / Realty Today / 8/9/14
The green areas show the highest speed and the lighter greens, yellow and red show slower speeds. In a separate report, it was found that coffee giant Starbucks has the fastest internet when compared to other outlets in the country. WiFi at Starbucks is two ...

State with the fastest average Internet speed revealed
Connection Speed / Daily Digest / 8/9/14
Kansas demonstrated the most improvement over the past year, according to the report. The state increased its average speed by 91 percent. As noted by CNET, this increase likely owes much to the launch of Google's super high-speed fiber Internet service ...

Map shows US regions with fastest and slowest Internet connection speeds
Connection Speed / News Tonight Africa / 8/9/14
IT service firm OfficeSuite has assembled a new map of broadband speeds, revealing the US regions which have the fastest and slowest Internet connections. The map has been assembled with the help of data released in ... speeds in Kentucky and Montana are 7.3 Mbps. The map also shows that California, with an average Internet connection speed of 10.9 Mbps, ranks 20th; and is even behind Utah, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, which respectively have average speeds of 12.1 Mbps, 11.7 Mbps, and 11.7 Mbps.

SimplePC relinquishes Internet service to CTI
Connection Speed / Greenwood Index Journal / 8/9/14
CTI Networks is a Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based regional Internet, Web and support provider. The company serves the Mid-Atlantic region and made its network available to SimplePC customers in November 2007 to either replace their current high ...

The latest heat map shows US' states with fast and slow Internet
Connection Speed / The Next Digit / 8/9/14
Recently, a new map of U.S. states with high speed internet (or low speed) has been revealed by Broadview Networks that shows all states with its internet connection. The map shows that Virginia gets more high speed internet service that speed up to 13.7 ...

States ranked according to internet speed, can Google Fiber change the order?
Connection Speed / / 8/9/14
If you want to live in a state with the average fastest megabytes per second internet speed, then you need to pack your bags and go to Virginia, Delaware or Massachusetts — the three aforementioned U.S. states have recorded the best overall downloads speed ... to the internet with faster download speed are more likely to stream Netflix or YouTube videos smoother, but of course, the overall user experience and performance depends on the user's personal computer specification, and the quality of the service used.

Virginia Has Fastest Average Internet Speed in United States
Connection Speed / Viral Global News / 8/9/14
With an average Internet speed of 13.7 megabits per second, Virginia is the state with the fastest average Internet speed in the United States. The news was reported by cloud service provider Broadview Networks, with the data originating from a Q1 2014 ...

The Fastest Average Internet Speed In The United States-Virginia
Connection Speed / / 8/9/14
internet speed In a new study it has been found that the speed at which people get the internet has increased in 2014 from the year before. Everyone seeks the highest speed internet possible as it is needed for streaming, buffering, and downloading.

State of the Internet Map: Virginia has fastest broadband speed in US, Alaska
Connection Speed / Delhi Daily News / 8/9/14
The study showed that Virginia has the fastest internet service of 13.7 megabits per second in the US. The slowest average speed was recorded in Alaska at 7.0 megabits per second. Globally, South Korea ranks first with ... Virginia is followed by Delaware (13.1 mbps), Massachusetts (13.1), Rhode Island (12.9), Washington, D.C., (12.8) and Washington state (12.5) in fastest average internet speed. Alaska on the other hand is trailed by Arkansas (7.3 mbps), Kentucky (7.3), Montana (7.3), and West Virginia (7.5).

US: Fastest Internet in Virginia, Lowest in Alaska
Connection Speed / Argyll Free Press / 8/9/14
Nowadays, what we people need is reliability that includes speed of streaming, downloading and buffering and for that we must need a good Internet connection. Recent research proven that the speed of the Internet has been increased by 10% than previous ...

State of The Internet Map Shows America's Hot And Not So Hot Broadband ...
Connection Speed / Hot Hardware / 8/9/14
The state with the fastest average broadband speed enjoys service that is nearly twice as fast as the state with the with slowest average high-speed connection. That's according to data contained in Akamai's "State of the Internet" report. Broadview Networks ...

Broadband Internet partnership between private, public hoped to speed ...
Connection Speed / Bangor Daily News / 8/9/14
Now, high-speed Internet is one of those essentials, he said. The new broadband system will be 500 times faster than what has been in place, he said. Maine Media President Meg Weston said the new Internet network will be a boon for the college, which was ...

Globe is PH's fastest Internet provider - website
Connection Speed / ABS CBN News / 8/8/14
MANILA, Philippines - Globe Telecom said it provides the fastest Internet service in the country, quoting a report by OpenSignal which crowdsources cellphone signal strength. In a statement, Globe cited Philippine download statistics from OpenSignal that ...

Hot and cold spots of America's broadband revealed by new heat map
Connection Speed / WallStreet OTC / 8/8/14
As per a new map of Broadband speed, it is seen that Americans seem to enjoy the slowest and fastest internet connections. This map was assembled by OfficeSuite, an IT service firm from data in Akamal's State of Internet. In this report, it has been shown that ...

Virginia, The Down South State Has got The Fastest Internet Speed
Connection Speed / Capital OTC / 8/8/14
It has been found that Virginia, the state from the South has got the America's fastest internet speed. It is stated that the average internet speed in Virginia is 13.7Mbps per second. The report is based on a data Akami's ”State of the Internet” published in last ...

Does your state boast the speediest Internet service? Say yes if you live in Virginia
Connection Speed / Tech Times / 8/8/14
Yet Virginia, which is obviously not in the Northeast, is home to the speediest service of any state, claims Akamai Technologies. The Akamai "State of the Internet" report reveals the speed of one's Internet has some marked differences depending on where ...

Better rural internet goal of federal program
Connection Speed / The Rocky Mountain Goat / 8/8/14
On July 23rd, Cathy McLeod, MP for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo, issued a news release announcing the launch of Connecting Canadians, a new federal program that plans to bring high-speed internet to 280,000 Canadian households that currently have ... McLeod invites her constituents to visit the new Connecting Canadians website at to give input on communities whose internet service does not meet the 5 Mbps threshold, and could be eligible to receive funding through ...

The state with the fastest Internet speed is down south
Connection Speed / Tech Times / 8/8/14
Fast Internet speed is essential when streaming videos online. Communications company Level 3 has accused unnamed internet service providers for slowing down its broadband access on purpose in the past. Level 3 is known for helping connect providers ...

Virginia Leads on New US Internet Speed Map
Connection Speed / Top Tech News / 8/8/14
service provider Akamai's latest "State of the Internet" report. According to the Broadview map, Internet speeds in Virginia averaged 13.7 ... In a blog post accompanying the map of Internet speeds across the U.S., Russ Fordyce, Broadview's managing director of marketing, wrote: "Internet speed has been a hot topic in the news as of late, with major providers intentionally throttling speeds and the heated debate surrounding net neutrality. It isn't surprising that so many people are interested in the topic. After all, the ...

Maine's broadband service slipping into obsolescense, GWI founder says
Connection Speed / Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel / 8/7/14
The ironic aspect of Maine's plummet to the bottom of such lists is that in the late 1990s, Portland was one of just two cities in the United States with access to high-speed Internet service, Kittredge said. “We used to be really highly rated,” he said. Since then ...

High Speed Internet Highway Has Arrived
Connection Speed / Guardian Liberty Voice / 8/7/14
Internet transmission speeds reach new highs on the information highway and will arrive in many metro areas soon. Not that anyone was racing, but CenturyLink, a data service provider, with a home-base in Louisiana, announced it is currently offering high-speed broadband service to 15 cities across the country, from Seattle, Washington, to Orlando, Florida. By making this announcement it has beaten Google at its own game in cities like Portland, Oregon, Spokane, and Seattle, Washington. In Portland, for example, ...

CenturyLink Gigabit One Of Many Efforts To Boost Colorado Broadband
Connection Speed / KUNC / 8/7/14
For Longmont, gaining that authority took the support of its citizens, who were required by state law to get resident approval to provide Internet service. After losing a 2009 skirmish with Internet providers that opposed the effort, the city gained ... but also design firms, creative industries, and educational institutions," the Chamber wrote. Fort Collins is also exploring various options to improve Internet speed, including building a fiber optic network or contracting with an existing ISP to improve access and connectivity.

High speed county internet
Connection Speed / Quinte News / 8/7/14
... internet service through the municipality. There will be areas of construction and closures on the trail, however they will be clearly marked. The Memorial Trail will be part of the Eastern Ontario Rural Network, allowing high speed internet in non urban areas.

Fastest-ever Internet available for more people in Twin Cities
Connection Speed / Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews / 8/6/14
The company says this new fiber-optic service will provide the fastest-ever home-Internet speed of up to 1 gigabit per second. Other companies, like Comcast, have home Internet speeds that top out at about 100 megabits per second in the Twin Cities, the ...

Telecom CEO: Maine's limited access to broadband bad but fixable
Connection Speed / Press Herald / 8/6/14
The irony of Maine's plummet to the bottom of such lists is that in the late 1990s, Portland was one of just two cities in the U.S. with access to high-speed Internet service, Kittredge said. “We used to be really highly rated,” he said. Since then, service providers ...

1000 schools to have fast internet
Connection Speed / / 8/6/14
Pupils at up to 1000 schools will be connected to a free high-speed internet service by the end of the year. Crown-owned company Network for Learning (N4L) said more than 225,000 pupils from 700 schools have connected to its managed network.

Fastest Internet Speed In US Is In Virginia, Slowest In Alaska; South Korea ...
Connection Speed / International Business Times / 8/6/14
Virginia had the fastest service, with 13.7 megabits per second, and Alaska the slowest (7.0 mbps), though both fall far behind South Korea, which at 23.6 mbps has the fastest Internet speed in the world. Nearly every state has seen an improvement, with the ...

High-speed, gigabit internet offered by CenturyLink in select cities
Connection Speed / Orlando Sentinel (blog) / 8/6/14
High-speed gigabit internet access has been rare in Central Florida, but CenturyLink is offering it now in limited commercial areas and some large residential developments. According to Lisa Willis, marketing manager, CenturyLink gigabit service is available ...

Faster Gets Even Faster in St. Louis: Charter Business Introduces Second ...
Connection Speed / / 8/5/14
That's why for the second time this year, Charter Business customers will receive a free Internet speed upgrade. Starting today Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) will double the highest service level from 100 to 200 Mbps for business customers in ...

CenturyLink to roll out high-speed Internet to Phoenix small businesses
Connection Speed / / 8/5/14
CenturyLink is joining the race to bring ultra-high-speed Internet service to the Phoenix area. The company announced today a plan to offer gigabit service to small businesses in metro Phoenix starting Aug. 18. CenturyLink is the third company this year to ...

The competition for high-speed fiber optic Internet is escalating in 13 cities
Connection Speed / Washington Post (blog) / 8/5/14
Residential fiber service will cost $79.95 when bundled with other services, CenturyLink spokeswoman Linda Johnson said. (By comparison, the publicly owned fiber optic Internet service in Chattanooga, Tenn. costs $70 a month for gigabit speeds, and $57 a ...

CenturyLink announces super-fast fiber Internet speed
Connection Speed / Press / 8/5/14
CenturyLink intends to overtake top residential-broadband provider Comcast with a new fiber-optic service it said will provide the Twin Cities' fastest-ever home-Internet speed of 1 gigabit per second. The service would smoke cable company Comcast's home ...

Another Seattle Internet hoax? CenturyLink vows real gigabit in Seattle
Connection Speed / Crosscut / 8/5/14
In a remarkable announcement today, CenturyLink, formerly known as “the telephone company”, says it will bring gigabit Internet service via a fiber-to-the-home network to Seattle. Seattle has been left at the altar of fiber-to-the-home high-speed Internet twice before — first by Google and then by Gigabit Squared, which is now being sued by the City of Seattle over their breakup. Is the third time the charm? Can Seattle Mayor Ed Murray deliver on the gigabit promise that his two predecessors, Mike McGinn and Greg ...

Internet Access Gateways Enable Hospitality Venues to Monetize High-Speed ...
Connection Speed / Hospitality Technology / 8/5/14
ZyXEL Communications has introduced a series of Internet Access Gateways designed specifically for hospitality environments to deliver high speed, always-on, manageable Internet services. The series includes UAG2100 (supports up to 200 devices) and ...

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