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Cookies/Privacy News

Find the latest Cookies/Privacy news below. We do our best to screen the news provided here for relevance and accuracy, but the links to articles found here are from 3rd parties so occassionally less pertinent materials get published. Please feel free to contact us to report other relevant articles, or to let us know of any material that should be removed.

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New Web Tracking Technologies Defeat Privacy Protections
Cookies/Privacy / Top Tech News / 7/24/14
Recently developed Web tracking tools are able to circumvent even the best privacy defenses, according to a new joint study by researchers at Princeton University and the University of Leuven in Belgium. New technologies known as canvas fingerprinting, evercookies and ... Cookie syncing, meanwhile, is the practice of tracker domains passing pseudonymous IDs associated with a given user, typically stored in cookies, amongst each other. "Cookie syncing can greatly amplify privacy breaches through server ...

Web Tracking Advances Beat Privacy Defenses
Cookies/Privacy / InformationWeek / 7/22/14
Researchers warn that advances in online tracking have made it difficult even for sophisticated computer users to protect their privacy -- and call for further regulatory intervention. In a research paper, computer security experts from Princeton ... characterize as an ongoing arms race against privacy. Built using recently developed Web APIs, these tracking techniques are designed to be less susceptible to erasure and blocking than traditional HTTP cookies, which can be cleared and avoided through browser controls.

Stealthy Web tracking tools pose increasing privacy risks to users
Cookies/Privacy / Computerworld / 7/22/14
IDG News Service - Three stealthy tracking mechanisms designed to avoid weaknesses in browser cookies pose potential privacy risks to Internet users, a new research paper has concluded. The methods -- known as canvas fingerprinting, evercookies and ...

White House caught secretly tracking Web visitors with sneaky spyware
Cookies/Privacy / Boing Boing / 7/7/14
They proudly say that they comply with federal privacy law, eschewing cookies, but sneakily use Addthis's "canvas fingerprinting," a product whose other major user is Youporn (but they stopped after they were outed, and the White House didn't). The original ...

Enjoy Privacy With These Browser Extensions
Cookies/Privacy / / 3/25/14
Priv3 browser extension does not block third-party cookies completely, but it restrains the insertion of third-party cookies while the browser drags some content from the social networking site. Priv3 is a complete solution for preventing a third party from ...

Watchdog Tells FTC Disney Site Continues To Violate Children's Privacy Regs
Cookies/Privacy / MediaPost Communications / 3/20/14
The site's new privacy policy, posted late last year -- after the watchdog filed an initial complaint with the FTC -- says that Disney collects and uses “persistent identifiers,” like cookies. The company says it does so principally for internal purposes, but that still ...

6 total records found.
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