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Operating System Version Usage

Market Share of Operating System Versions (OS analysis)

The data below is based upon the version market share for the operating system(s) you selected. Please remember that we only display operating system (OS) versions that tallied at least 0.1% of the overall market share for these selected operating systems:
  • Windows
To modify the list of selected operating systems, please return to the main operating systems market share report and make your new selections in the "Report Drill-Downs" section underneath the graph/chart.
Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Oct '13 - Mar '14 monthly 3D Pie All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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  • Brits pay millions to continue Windows XP usage in public services / 4/6/14
    After April 8, XP users are strongly recommended to either get a new PC, upgrade to a newer Windows OS, switch to Linux or find a more limited, offline usage for the operating system. The British government has no plans to rush to upgrade systems across its ...
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From what I have seen in reliable stats on OS and browsers. Apple's OS X while having successful adoption rates to the latest OS. It does not appear to grow significantly over a period of the last year and half. Unfortunately its what I have always said. Because Apple does not have a laptop much under $1000 it limits itself to how many can and will consider a Mac.
Obviously I guess Apple is much more concerned about profit margins then amount of users. Another obvious statistic is Mac's are more popular in the US because the median incomes are higher. Thus allowing many more to buy a Mac. I like my Macbook Air but I have to say I would advise anyone on a budget to just buy a decent PC. Windows 7 is not bad at all and you can purchase a PC laptop for half of what a Mac laptop costs. I think in these economic times if Apple is to grow OS X it will need to explore a cheaper Mac model to grow its user base.

Johnnythegeek 1/15/12 8:30AM

I think that part of the reason the "Linux Unknown Distribution" and "Linux Ubuntu Undected" section is so high, is the drill down information is not recognizing the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx release at all. There is no mention of it what-so-ever. I would be curious to see these numbers once this has been fixed.

Anonymous 7/17/10 8:28PM

What browsers are people on 'unknown' linux based desktops using? Cross-data drill-down would be nice. Are those just people using third-party Chrome and Firefox builds on Ubuntu?

ethana2 5/12/10 2:40PM