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Web Browser Plugin Market Share

Web Browser Plugin Market Penetration and Global Usage

This report compares the market penetration and global usage of popular web browser plugins including Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Microsoft SilverLight and Java. Try out the Report Filters below to see how things like operating system, browser and residential vs. corporate connection impact the results.
Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Feb '14 - Jul '14 monthly 2D Area Stacked All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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GSK has 100k employees and uses eLearning for many things--they no longer use flash--just html5.

less-flash 5/10/13 6:24AM

is there a comparison of usage vs. html5? i.e., are plug-ins slowly slipping in usage as a result of html5's dynamic rendering capability?

html5-stats? 5/10/13 6:22AM

Silverlight its the best

MVVM 6/29/12 1:46AM

Due to increase in HTML5 and CSS3 browser support. All this is going to be thing of past.

expressions 9/10/11 3:11AM

Its good to see the Silverlight market penetration increasing.

From the developer point of view, Silverlight has a far superior programming model. The model is very logical and straigh forward.

Developing in Silverlight is beautifully straight forward and the results (of relatively little effort) are amazing.

Developer 7/24/11 12:38PM

At the current rate of growth, Silverlight will be around 70% by the end of this year.

Unless the trend changes, Silverlight will be around 80% by end of 2012. But I don't think it will lever get over 90%. It might get over 90% only if Moonlight releases a version that is as fast & robust as Silverlight 4.

Flash is an old design. Silverlight is better designed but is practically Windows-only. Apple wants native apps written in Objective C++. Google wants Java apps on Android. HTML5 won't be finalized for years. IE9 only supports about 60% of HTML5 draft specs today and won't even install on Windows XP. It isn't easy choosing which platforms to use right now.

Salvor 3/10/11 8:28AM

I would also be very interested in what versions of the Acrobat Reader we use on the net. Is there one dominant version that your documents should always be compatible with?

fristedt 12/30/10 4:28AM

What about Acrobat Reader?

webXL 12/10/10 12:12PM

Trend is that Flash will reign, but Silverlight will surpass Quicktime and Media player by the end of the year (and be on two out of every three computers).

batpox 10/4/10 10:44AM

In addition to showing plug-in data, it would be very useful to know the percentage of internet video traffic viewed for each plug-in.

I.e.: a breakdown of how many viewed videos were in flash format vs. window media player vs. quicktime vs. real player, etc.

TGIF 9/26/10 5:03PM

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