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Web Browser Usage Statistics

Browser market share and market penetration by subversion

The data below is based upon the subversion market share for the browser version(s) you selected. Please remember that we only display web browser versions that tallied at least 0.1% of the overall market share for these selected browser versions:
  • Firefox 8
To modify the list of selected browsers, please return to the main web browser market share report and make your new selections in the "Report Drill-Downs" section underneath the graph/chart.
Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Oct '13 - Mar '14 monthly 3D Pie All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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Wikipedia Definition:
The term "browser wars" refers to the competition for dominance in the web browser marketplace. The term is used to denote two specific periods of time: the competition between market-dominating Netscape Navigator and its eventual defeat by Microsoft Internet Explorer during the late 1990s, and the competition from 2003 onwards between the dominating Internet Explorer and several other emerging browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and, since mid-2008, Google Chrome.
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Anonymous 2/14/13 5:24AM

Most of the time I look at these drill-down charts, I'm looking for the "percentage of people who are on 3.6," and the charts seem over-specific for me. Meaning while some may, I'm sure most don't care what build of Windows 7 people are on, etc. Could we have some sort of checkbox on this (and other) charts to combine all the builds of each version?

mrcolj 5/16/11 7:05AM