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Web Browser Usage (Trend Analysis)

Browser market share and market penetration by version

The data below is trend analysis based upon the version market share for the browser(s) you selected. Please remember that we only display web browser versions that tallied at least 0.1% of the overall market share for these selected browsers:
  • Internet Explorer
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Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Feb '14 - Jul '14 monthly 2D Column All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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Wikipedia Definition:
The term "browser wars" refers to the competition for dominance in the web browser marketplace. The term is used to denote two specific periods of time: the competition between market-dominating Netscape Navigator and its eventual defeat by Microsoft Internet Explorer during the late 1990s, and the competition from 2003 onwards between the dominating Internet Explorer and several other emerging browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and, since mid-2008, Google Chrome.
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  • Microsoft promises update to make IE browser more mobile-friendly
    GMA News / 8/2/14
    Windows Phone users can soon expect some decent surfing on mobile sites from Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft's default mobile browser. In a blog post, Microsoft is promising the enhancements to IE 11 in an upcoming update for the Windows Phone 8.1 ...
  • Microsoft Fudging Standards in IE 11 To Avoid 'Degraded' Mobile Experience / 8/1/14
    Microsoft plans to release an updated Internet Explorer 11 mobile browser with the next release of Windows Phone 8.1 that will address some Web site compatibility issues. The improved browser will show up next week for users of the "Windows Phone 8.1 ...
  • Mobile IE Updates For Windows Phone
    AnandTech / 7/31/14
    With the small market share of Windows Phone, many web sites have not tested against the mobile IE browser, nor do many even attempt to detect it. This has resulted in a mobile browsing experience that is quite different than one you would get on Android ...
  • Eight time-saving tips for using Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7 / 7/29/14
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  • Internet Explorer most vulnerable browser of 2014: study
    domain-B / 7/26/14
    Bromium Labs believes that the browser will likely continue to be the sweet spot for attackers," Bromium Labs said in its report. The report said, hackers used an emerging 'Zero Day' attack trend dubbed "Action Script Spray" to attack Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Explorer is the 'sweet spot' for cyber criminals
    Inquirer / 7/25/14
    The report summarises public vulnerabilities and exploit trends that the firm observed in the first six months of 2014 and found that Microsoft's web browser set a record high for reported vulnerabilities in the first half of 2014 while also "leading in publicly ...
  • Internet Explorer hits 'record high' for vulnerabilities
    Computer Business Review / 7/25/14
    Microsoft's Internet Explorer hit a record high for reported vulnerabilities in the first half of 2014, according to security firm Bromium. The web browser was found to have 133 vulnerabilities during the period, comparing unfavourably to rivals Firefox and Chrome ...
  • IE6 finally drops below 4% in worl...
    Neowin / 5/1/14
    Microsoft has been trying for years to get the remaining users of Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade to more modern versions of the web browser. Today, there's word that the worldwide market share for IE6 has finally dropped down to below 4 percent compared to ...
  • Net Applications: Internet Explorer Now Holds 57.88% Of Worldwide Browser ... / 5/1/14
    Net Applications: Internet Explorer Now Holds 57.88% Of Worldwide Browser Market Share, IE11 Shows Strong Growth. May 1, 2014 Microsoft ... Internet Explorer 8 remains the most popular browser in the market with about 20.85% market share… ... I am glad that you mentioned reviews and statistics of different variants of the famous casino game - online poker. ... As some people have already said until Microsoft show the way (Bing, Cortana, XBOX TV Guide, MS Stores) Microsoft need to stop looking inside USA .
  • UC Browser woos Indonesia, sees market share double to 11%
    Tech in Asia / 4/29/14
    UCWeb's internal data claims that one out of five mobile internet users in Indonesia has UC Browser installed on their feature phone or smartphone. Close to 50 percent of ... Firstly it's due to the data compression feature, which saves people money when using 2G/3G/4G and also speeds up loading times, and secondly it's thanks to the way the Chinese firm is adapting to the local market's demands. Soccer and music-related ... (See: 5 great browsers to replace your phone's stock browser). “Our primary strategy is to ...
  • Microsoft warns of IE flaw; 50% of global browser market could be affected / 4/28/14
    According to NetMarket Share, IE version 6 to 11 account for more than 50 per cent of the worldwide browser market. In other Microsoft news, the firm has announced its Q3 results, revealing a revenue boost on the back of its cloud computing. Its new EVP has ...
  • Active 0day attack hijacking IE users threatens a quarter of browser market
    Ars Technica / 4/27/14
    The zero-day code-execution hole in IE versions 6 through 11 represents a significant threat to the Internet security because there is currently no fix for the underlying bug, which affects an estimated 26 percent of the total browser market. It's also the first ...
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Great info but last 3 months stacked in one category. Can this be fixed?

Anonymous 3/13/13 2:26PM

This seems to be the most useful site around for such metrics, but the information is severely impacted by monthly 100% alignment to one line item. Can this be fixed? (again...)

Anonymous 9/11/12 7:26AM

Hey StatOwl team - could you revise the stats, fixing the prior 2 months? They are reporting 100% under one category - an issue that seems to occur repetitively, rendering the information unusable. Thanks!

Anonymous 7/16/12 7:47AM

Note, February and March stats are reporting one grouping. The same issue has occurred in prior months, hope it can be resolved, as this site is chock full of good info!

Anonymous 4/13/12 12:42PM

fd - probably a lot of possible reasons for the discrepancy. My company manages numerous sites and the usage trends differ greatly based upon each user audience. A site appealing to techies will typically rank higher in FireFox, Linux, etc., while sites with broader appeal typically closely resemble the stats shown on this site.

Johnny5 6/4/09 2:14PM

This doesn't reflect what I am seeing on our site at a university. Registering ~700,000 external visits (excluding internal visitors) in the month of May we saw 40% using IE 7, but only 10.5% using IE 6. Firefox was over 31% and Safari was over 13%. Quite a difference from what is reported here.

fd 6/4/09 1:04PM


w3cschools stats are based on their own visitors, not globaly

Anonymous 6/2/09 8:24AM

This doesn't exactly tally up with the w3c schools stats here:

Dardoz 6/2/09 8:11AM