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JavaScript Version Market Share

JavaScript (JS) Version Usage and Trends

This report displays statistics and analysis of JavaScript (JS) version support and usage. This data is very important to take into consideration when developing web sites. More and more functionality is now occurring on the client-side with the increased usage of AJAX and other dynamic HTML applications. Web developers must understand the level of JavaScript support related to their visitors in order to effectively utilize this type of functionality.
Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Oct '13 - Mar '14 monthly 3D Pie All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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Yes, a view of how many people disable javascript vs the people who use it (and the versions) would be great so that we can see what % of the market disables.

pwjs84 4/26/10 4:05AM

I wonder if you could add the number of Noscript Users to this report. That would be great!

Anonymous 11/4/09 1:44AM